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1 Abstract

1.1 Introduction

Though we can easily create web applicaiton with CGI or PHP, we can not do so with Java, because of need of deployment and many definition files.

I made this web application framework to resolve the problem. This framework has following features.

Web Flavor is specialized for Scala in order to utilize the ability of superior secritability of Scala.

"Better CGI, Better PHP!"

The environment without strong constraint but which enable to develop easily as CGI or PHP, the loose but enough for Web application development --- that is my goal.

1.2 Features

Web Flavor has these features.

For example, if I write a script as

// HelloWorld.scala
val TITLE = "Hello, world!"

then it outputs as follows

  "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
<title>Hello, world!</title>
<h1>Hello, world!</h1>

2 How to use

2.1 System requirements

Please prepare the following environments.

Java Java 5 Runtime Environment or later
Java Servlet Java Servlet 2.3 or later
Java Servlet Conteiner Apache Tomcat 6 or later (Tomcat 5 might be compatible but it has not be confirmed. Other containers such as Jetty are not tested.)
Scala 2.7.1.final (included)

Because we have not tested every combination of the above environment, some might not work well.

2.2 Install

Deploy ${WEB_FLAVOR_HOME}/webflavor.war on the servlet container.

Add ${WEB_FLAVOR_HOME}/lib/scala-library.jar to the CLASSPATH of the servlet container, or it might not work on some servlet containers.

2.3 About Flavor

Flavor is a script for Web application, and is written by Scala language. In Web Flavor, a web application is developed by writing Flavors.

2.4 API

Java Servlet API are provided with wrapping of Scala to be easily used in Flavors. It can be used in similar way as Java Servlet.

In future version, we plans to provide

for easier Web application dvelopment.


The Web Flavor can be download from


Archive file Details
WebFlavor-#.#.#.zip Package of source code and WAR file
WebFlavor-samples-#.#.#.zip Sample application (includes Apache Tomcat)

4 License

Licence notice:

For other libraries used in Web Flavor, their own license covers them.